Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Well, well, well...
It's been a while since we came with some proper updates or news about "things", but MMXIII its been a year of challenges and mainly focus in other matters that involve conviction & METAL, which meant i had to put aside and postpone the next releases a bit.
I appreciate both VOID MOON & WARDENCLYFFE understood this with patience and trust..but now it's time to get back to "business"!
First thing you need to know is that both the VOID MOON Live Cassette and the WARDENCLYFFE 7" EP are already on the pre-production stage and are expected to be sent to press in January ´14.
Secondly, we have added one more artist to our small (but strong!) rooster and that is IRON SPELL from Chile. These 4 tracks blew our minds away in so many ways with it's brilliant and straight up to your face demonstration of Heavy Metal that we had to have it out on a 7" EP ourselves!

So, yes, there's no exact release date at this stage, but expect more info soon, in any case they should be all out and kicking by March already.

In the meantime, you might as well have a look to some Distro Items we got up for grabs on 

A SCALD 2xCD compilation (!!!!!!) , a fucking gorgeous MERCY(Swe) shirt, chilean death metal monsters DEMONIC RAGE's debut CD and the last copies of PROCESSION's "Death & Judgement" EP...more to come!

In Doom,


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